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getDay Method
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Returns the day of the week value in a Date object using local time.
To get the day using Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), use the getUTCDay method.

The value returned from the getDay method is an integer between 0 and 6 representing the day of the week and corresponds to a day of the week as follows:

0 = Sunday
1 = Monday
2 = Tuesday
3 = Wednesday
4 = Thursday
5 = Friday
6 = Saturday

The following example illustrates the use of the getDay method:

function DateDemo()
  var d, day, x, s = "Today is: ";
  var x = new Array("Sunday", "Monday", "Tuesday");
  var x = x.concat("Wednesday","Thursday", "Friday");
  var x = x.concat("Saturday");
  d = new Date();
  day = d.getDay();
  return(s += x[day]);