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setMonth Method
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Sets the month value in the Date object using local time.
objDate.setMonth(numMonth[, dateVal])

The setMonth method syntax has these parts:

Part Description
numMonth Required. A numeric value equal to the month.
dateVal Optional. A numeric value representing the date. If not supplied, the value from a call to the getDate method is used.

To set the month value using Universal Coordinated Time (UTC), use the setUTCMonth method.

If the value of numMonth is greater than 11 (January is month 0) or is a negative number, the stored year is modified accordingly. For example, if the stored date is "Jan 5, 1996" and setMonth(14) is called, the date is changed to "Mar 5, 1997."

The following example illustrates the use of the setMonth method:

function SetMonthDemo(newmonth)
  var d, s;
  d = new Date();
  s = "Current setting is ";
  s += d.toLocaleString(); 

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