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Keys Method
 Scripting Run-Time Reference 
Version 2 

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Returns an array containing all existing keys in a Dictionary object.
object.Keys( )

The object is always the name of a Dictionary object.

The following code illustrates use of the Keys method:
function KeysDemo()
  var a, d, i, s;					// Create some variables.
  d = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.Dictionary");  
  d.Add ("a", "Athens");				// Add some keys and items.
  d.Add ("b", "Belgrade");
  d.Add ("c", "Cairo");
  a = (new VBArray(d.Keys())).toArray();	// Get the keys.
  s = "";
  for (i in a)					// Iterate the dictionary.
    s += a[i] + " - " + d(a[i]) + "<br>";
  return(s);						// Return the results.