Microsoft® JScript®
ScriptEngine Function
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Version 2 

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Returns a string representing the scripting language in use.
ScriptEngine( )
Return Values
The ScriptEngine function can return any of the following strings:

String Description
JScript Indicates that Microsoft JScript is the current scripting engine.
VBA Indicates that Microsoft Visual Basic® for Applications is the current scripting engine.
VBScript Indicates that Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition is the current scripting engine.

The following code illustrates the use of the ScriptEngine function:
function GetScriptEngineInfo()
    var s;
    s = ""; // Build string with necessary info.
    s += ScriptEngine() + " Version ";
    s += ScriptEngineMajorVersion() + ".";
    s += ScriptEngineMinorVersion() + ".";
    s += ScriptEngineBuildVersion();