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function Statement
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Declares a new function.
function functionname([argument1 [, argument2 [, ...argumentn]]])

The function statement syntax has the following parts:

Part Description
functionname The name of the function.
argument1...argumentn An optional, comma-separated list of arguments the function understands.
statements One or more JScript statements.

Use the function statement to declare a function for later use. The code contained in statements is not executed until the function is called from elsewhere in the script.

The following example illustrates the use of the function statement:

function myfunction(arg1, arg2)
  var r;
  r = arg1 * arg2;

Note  When calling a function, ensure that you always include the parentheses and any required arguments. Calling a function without parentheses causes the text of the function to be returned instead of the results of the function.